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You’ve been flexing your entrepreneurial mindset and skill set. As an entrepreneur, you’re a problem-solver; an innovator. No one else has created THIS idea – that makes it powerful! So, it’s time to share that idea with the world through a short pitch.


What’s in a Pitch?

Introduce yourself and grab the attention of your audience

Introduce your client and their problem

Present your solution and its benefits

Share a reflection of what you learned. Include the process you went through.

Watch some sample pitches!

All you need is a smartphone, your script and your prototype!


  • Have you practiced? Try practicing ten times by yourself!
  • Do you have your prototype ready to show?


Competition Guidelines

  • Submit a 2-3 minute video of yourself pitching your solution to your teacher or guide.
  • Display and explain your prototype during the pitch.

Are you ready? Woot! Submit your pitch video submission below!


You’ve taken a step towards launching a business and making a difference. Thank you for sharing a little of your brilliance with BUILD and your communities. How do you feel now? We hope it’s energized, helpful, powerful and inspired!

Complete the exit survey below to end BUILD’s Virtual Design Challenge!

Are you ready for the next step? BUILD wants to share a really cool opportunity to flex your innovative mindset. 

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