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Using the five-step Human-Centered Design process, help youth solve challenging real-world problems with innovative solutions grounded in empathy and equity. Turn challenges into opportunities through the power of entrepreneurship!

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Grab your students’ attention whether in-person, blended, or remote through high-quality project-based learning with our free tools and resources. BUILD.org is dedicated to building the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and changemakers with digitally enhanced curricula developed by teachers for teachers. Join the movement!

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BUILD's First Gen Design Challenge

Youth-driven solutions to help first gen students improve their mental wellness.

BUILD's Covid-19 Design Challenge

Youth-driven solutions to help people in the pandemic.

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“I love BUILD’s Design Challenge because it gives youth an opportunity to let our voices be heard, which can inspire other young people like me to take action in their community. I believe I am the next generation of entreprenuers.”
– Alicia

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“ I recommend BUILD’s Design Challenge because it encourages students to think like entrepreneurs and develop businesses that solve the most pressing issues in their community. Using the strengths they already possess to create the bright futures they envision for themselves.”
– Michael

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“BUILD’s Design Challenge is the entryway to entrepreneurship and it builds confidence in our youth by, helping them see themselves as change-makers who can impact the lives of others and in their own lives.”
– Rocio, Immigrants Rising

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUILD's Design Challenge?

This Design Challenge empowers students to take action as they work to develop innovative solutions for their communities. Students are guided through the entire Design Thinking process on our new digital platform. The Challenge is delivered by a trained educator. BUILD provides all training and materials for students and schools.

The content was created to empower youth nationwide and give them a sense of self-agency. They explore stories of diverse people living in our communities then work collaboratively in teams to propose innovative solutions.

The design thinking journey takes students through the following process:

  • Empathize – Walk in a client’s shoes and document the experience
  • Define – State your client’s needs and problems
  • Ideate – Dream up solutions to your client’s challenges
  • Prototype – Create a model of your solution
  • Test – Try your solution with others
  • Pitch – Present your idea for potential cash prizes and bragging rights

What technology and equipment does my school need to run a BUILD'S Design Challenge?

  • Students will need a computer or mobile device that has internet access
  • This experience will use the following sites/platforms: BUILD.org, Google Docs, Padlet, YouTube, Vimeo, EditMate
  • For distance learning, you can use any video platform you like for the Challenge – Zoom, GoToMeetings, etc.

Who can run a Build Design Challenge?

Anyone who works with our youth! Teachers or facilitators are invited to complete a 2-hour training. This training is required so you understand the flow, best practices and how to ensure students feel safe, excited, and ready to dive into the challenge.

We invite parents, nonprofits, after-school programs and community leaders to join with their youth! We invite students from all districts, all states. All facilitators will attend and complete BUILD’s training session before you can access the full material.

When can I start?

Today, tomorrow or whenever you are ready! The course is online and therefore you can start on a rolling basis. Teachers or facilitators are invited to complete a 2-hour training. This training is required so you understand the flow, best practices and how to ensure students feel safe, excited and ready to dive into the challenge.

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