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Let’s stand together against racial injustice.

How Can You REBUILD?

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44 Mental Health Resources for Black People Trying to Survive in This Country

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When you are ready to fight back against a system of racism, oppression and injustice, take action.

Find resources that help you make change locally, nationally and globally.

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A guidebook for youth activists that want to organize for change.

Young people are leading the movement for change. They are marching in the streets for equal rights. They’re standing up for people killed by guns. And they’re rewriting the script that tells us how to think, behave, and treat one another. In other words, young people are organizing.

Learn More.

Learn more about the history of our country so you can advocate for change.

Build a strong foundation of knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

How to Deconstruct Racism, One Headline at a Time

Baratunde Thurston, BUILD National Board Member

Stories with Power

A social action reading list by Baratunde Thurston. It’s stories, not facts and figures, that ultimately create connections between humans and help us change. These stories have that power.

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Let’s bridge communities that cut across racial and economic lines.

Let’s build social capital to open doors to opportunity.

Let’s encourage our students to keep pushing, to keep stretching, to keep growing.

The power to change the world is within them and it starts now.

Together we can ReBUILD America to ensure a brighter future for ALL.