You have a solution and a prototype! Will your client want to use it? Will it actually make their life better and solve their problem? Let’s test and find out.

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It’s time for people to try your prototype. Stay open to feedback.

Test your prototype with as many people as possible, in person or online. We suggest starting with at least three users.

It’s hard, but step back and let your testers try it out.


What are they doing?
How do they use it?
Watch their reactions, take notes. These are clues for what to improve.


Are they reacting the way you thought? What surprises you? Do you have any new ideas?
Pay close attention to how people use the prototype. Ask questions about their experience.


What changes do you need to make?

Watch and notice:

  • Where did people get stuck? It’s nice if they like it but there’s got to be some part that can be improved.
  • What are people’s faces and body language telling you?
  • What are their questions and ideas about how to make it better?

Record these things in your Designbook! You are so close to helping people find new ways to deal with their problem!

Got your tests done? Scroll down to find out what’s next.

Here’s where you are on your journey….



Now that you got feedback, use it to improve your solution.

Repeat the Ideate, Prototype, and Test stages of the process.

Prototyping infographic

Go a step further:

Post your design to Instagram #BuildDesignChallenge

Once you are satisfied with the idea, you are ready to PITCH!

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