Ready to meet your clients?

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A framework for problem solving.

As we solve for our client’s needs and goals, we use the Human-Centered Design process shown below. You’ll see this image in each step as a reminder of where you are throughout the challenge.

EMPATHIZE: Walk in your client’s shoes.
DEFINE: State your client’s needs and problems.
IDEATE: Dream up solutions to your client’s challenges..
PROTOTYPE: Make a model of your solution to show.
TEST: Try your solution out with others and get feedback.

Begin with empathize.

We start with empathize so you can see the world through someone else’s eyes – try your best to experience it the way someone else does.

Remember, we are trying to figure out “How might we help small businesses thrive in the midst of COVID-19?”

Ready to begin? The first step is to meet your clients!


You will journey into a 360 virtual interview experience to understand your client’s problem. Click and drag to explore the scene.

Explore interview clips below to start your adventure.

  • Enter the 360 degree experience, capture notes and learn more about this person through their story.

Consider: Need to emphasize the importance of understanding their identity, not just their needs.

  • What is said in the interview?
  • How do they feel?
  • What are some challenges they face?
  • What else do you notice about their interests and environment?
  • Can you uncover what they need? Remember, it’s about understanding their perspective.

Highlight to get notes on who they are AND their needs and goals.Re-watch the interviews and take notes – get tons of details. Write your notes in your Designbook.

The next step includes describing your client and defining the problem that you will solve.

Here’s where you are on your journey…

Next Up: Define