BUILD's Thriving Communities Design Challenge

Youth-driven-solutions to build powerful, thriving communities across the country.

When I am in my community, I feel

What if instead, you could feel empowered and in control?

Discover how to start a business and make a difference.

Through this challenge, you will answer this key question:

How might we build powerful, thriving communities where everyone enjoys safety, wellness, and economic freedom?

We believe in the power of your ideas and your ability to solve real problems.

Many communities face income gaps and inequities in freedom of speech, health care, and social class. Join over 15,000 youth to help find solutions and BUILD a better future for all.

Types of Solutions


A product is anything you make and sell


A service is providing help to fill a need


A campaign is an action to achieve a political or social goal

Your Idea Here

How This Challenge Works

  • Empathize

    Walk in your client's shoes

  • Define

    State your client's needs and problems

  • Ideate

    Dream up solutions to your client's challenge

  • Prototype

    Make a model of your solution to show

  • Test

    Try out your solution with others

  • Pitch

    Present your idea for cash prizes and bragging rights

Are you ready to BUILD?

Get your tools!


invest in you...


invest in your community!


Now is the time!

We need you more than ever because your ideas and inventions will create the future.

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